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Today's smartphone cameras are so advanced that it's like having a mini professional camera in your pocket. With the right editing techniques, you can get even more out of your snaps. You can download third-party editing apps like Snapseed or VSCO, or just use your phone's basic editing app exclusively - in most instances, it is effective enough.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the way that people work, and online interactions have become a vital mode of communication.

Taking family photos might be one of the most dreaded holiday tasks, but they turn out much better if you make it a little more fun. Here are some tips on how to create better holiday photos.

Capturing a mood in your images is all about creating the feeling of being there, of taking the viewer to the location of the photo and imparting the feeling you had when the shot was taken. There are distinct elements and techniques that can be used to create mood depending on your genre of photography.

Congratulations Mom & Dad! You made it through the first year of parenthood. Some of the hardest months of being a new parent now lie behind you!

With travel restrictions still in place, many Cayman Islands residents will not have the opportunity to be reunited with their families abroad for the holidays. This presents even more reason to take lots of photos and share them with your loved ones across the globe. Here are some tips on taking candid family photos that truly capture those unforgettable holiday moments.

It is no secret that the right light is what makes a good picture great! When working with natural light (especially for beach photography), the best time to shoot is during the so-called "golden hour", which is the 45-ish minute window of warm and soft coppery light that occurs twice a day - once at daybreak and then again in the hour before sunset.

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