Congratulations again on your new baby and thank you so much for allowing me the amazing and rewarding job of photographing your little one’s first few days of life.


The ideal timing for newborn photography is within the first 5-21 days when your baby is very sleepy and flexible. This is the best time to capture those precious curled-up poses. While beautiful images can be captured at any stage and I work with newborns up to 5 weeks, keep in mind that once beyond those first 2 weeks we may not be able to get those sleepy, curled poses.


My goal is to capture your baby in the most timeless and natural way. My approach and style to newborn photography is clean, simple and minimalistic with an emphasis on your baby as the beautiful artistic subject. I love keeping newborn portraits simple without overpowering props or unnatural posing.


I have a beautiful natural light studio in George Town and encourage my clients to come there as the light is always perfect.

If you prefer to do the sessions in the comfort of your own home all we need is a good light source. A big window or sliding door that has natural light coming in and enough space to place my beanbag below it is ideal. This is where the posed and majority of the family pictures will be taken. The rest of the pictures may be taken in and around your home, most likely in the nursery or your bedroom if you wish to do so.




  • Please be prepared with the feeding materials of your choice. If you are nursing, feel free to nurse as needed (it’s just going to be you and me) or pump beforehand – whatever makes you comfortable! If you decide to pump or if your baby is formula fed, please have an extra bottle or two on standby, just in case.
  • Ideally, we want your baby to sleep throughout the entire session. Obviously, they may have their own agenda but there are several things that we can do to make this happen:  Plan to give them a full feeding just before you leave home or as we start the session. Also, please do your best to keep your newborn awake for about 30 mins before the session.
  • Please have a dummy/pacifier on standby. Even if you haven’t used one yet or your baby doesn’t seem to take to it, just for the 2-3 hours that I’m posing baby it can really help!
  • Dress your baby in a plain white short-sleeved onesie, if you have one unless you have your heart set on a specific outfit. Bring any special items that you would like me to use in the pictures (this is totally optional, I believe less is more but you may have some special items you would like captured).


  • The studio will be warm and toasty (about 80 degrees!). If the session is at your home, see if you can turn the air-con down a little to make it a little warmer than usual.
  • For the family photos, you (and Dad) can wear whatever you like – simple, solid light colours generally work really well. White is always timeless and beautiful Please avoid too many patterns or shirts with big writing or logos.
  • Family and sibling photos will take place roughly in the first 45 minutes of your session. This allows dads to go back to work or siblings to go back to school if they wish to do so.
  • I love photographing the connection between you and your baby! I know that us moms often don’t feel very photogenic just after giving birth, but please know that I always try to photograph using the most flattering angles and light to create beautiful images you will cherish.
  • Groom your hands. Painted nails really look lovely on those close-up shots when you are holding the baby’s little hands or feet. But even just neat nails for mom and dad work perfectly fine.

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