Creating unique and memorable Family Photos

Grand Cayman Family Photographer 7 Mile Beach

We all know that family photos are a great way to keep memories alive. Kids grow up so quickly and family portraits are a way of capturing the sweet moments with your family over the years. However, that does not mean every family portrait has to be perfectly posed with everyone looking at the camera and smiling happily. Instead think of capturing your family in unique and memorable ways. If you think back on your childhood photos, which ones are your favourites? Most likely the unique or funny ones. Whether it is you and your sibling pulling silly faces or wearing your parents’ clothes for dress up… the more unique the picture, the more memorable they will be. 

Here are a few tips to help you capture unique and memorable family photos:


We all know parenthood isn’t always picture-perfect. In fact, it’s a part of everyday life! Capture these precious moments with your family, and get a photo session that shows your family in all the good and bad. Consider asking a family photographer to come to your home and capture your everyday life, showing all the mess as well as the glamour! Your teenager doesn’t want to get off his phone or your toddler

refuses to smile, crossing her arms and pulling an angry face? Capture just that. It usually ends up being more authentic and will give you all a good laugh for years to come. 


Most kids (especially the younger ones) don’t want to cooperate when you are asking them to do things they don’t usually do in a certain place. If you are on the beach for example, they want to play in the sand and the sea, not sit still and smile pretty. Instead of worrying about getting that “perfect” family photo, just go with the flow. If you want to get real authentic and memorable family photos, forget about the camera and just be present in the moment – go play with your kids like you usually would on a beach day. Do races, thrown them in the air, splash with them in the sea – don’t worry about getting your clothes wet or sand in your knickers, just go with it and I promise you will leave your family photos session, not only with the most memorable pictures but also the most memorable experience, feeling like you actually had real fun with your family. And when you look at your pictures later on, I guarantee that feeling with be captured too.


Cayman is a very transient place and for many visitors and residents who are here temporarily (short or long) families pictures on the iconic 7 Mile beach are typically on the to-do list to remember Cayman by when they depart. The secret to making your family photos unique, is to again capture your family just like you are. Bring your favourite beach toys, collect shells, skip stones in the water together or strip your toddlers clothes off. This will guarantee that your photographer will have plenty of opportunities to capture real smiles as well as your family’s unique Cayman experience. 


Believe it or not –  September, 9th is “Wonderful Weirdo” Day.

Why not try something totally different by getting the whole family involved in coming up with some really silly family portrait ideas. If you are lacking inspiration, do yourself a favour and google “the weirdest family photos” and even if you do not end up re-creating anything, trust me, it will be totally worth it just for the entertainment value!

Grand Cayman Family Photographer 7 Mile Beach Grand Cayman Family Photographer 7 Mile Beach

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