When you invest in a photoshoot, your expectations can be quite high for the professional photographer you hire to make you look good. While they do most of that work behind the lens, there are also ways you can prepare to get the best possible results. Besides, coming to the shoot ready will help you avoid being flustered or stressed, which can definitely translate into the photographs! Here are the best ways you can prep yourself for a photoshoot:


It’s important to choose something comfortable and looks good on camera, too. Ask your photographer for some suggestions on what to wear, especially since they will be responsible for the overall look of your photo. Once you’ve agreed on a suitable outfit, ready your pieces a few days before the shoot by getting them laundered and ironed. Try to minimise outfit changes to keep things simple and stress-free.


Whether you’re getting it done by a professional or yourself, it’s best to have a trial run for your makeup before the shoot. Focusing on your skin is the most important aspect, so invest in products that will make your skin look flawless, as suggested here: Neutral shades for shadow and blush play up the natural contours of your face and can work with any outfit.

It’s a little trickier for hair. Those with coloured hair will definitely want to touch up any showing roots. A slight trim will give you a much fresher appearance, but do it a week before the shoot to let the hair grow into the cut. And while it seems negligible, dry hair will still be noticeable in photos, so best to deep condition beforehand for soft-looking tresses!


Your teeth are an important part of your appearance you shouldn’t forget about! Whether you’re facing the camera or not, having clean teeth is always a good idea. A regular cleaning at the dentist will usually get you by just fine, but the occasional teeth whitening will really help with a brighter smile. These days, there are plenty of ways to go about this, from simple teeth whitening strips, to toothpaste and specialised treatment kits, as explained here:  You can opt for whitening toothpaste such as Colgate Optic White, but for more noticeable results, try whitening kits like the ever-popular Crest 3D White Whitestrips. Use these a few days before your shoot, and avoid beverages like coffee and wine for bright white teeth!


There are two reasons you should pay attention to your health prior to the shoot. First, photoshoots tend to last the whole day, so showing up on an empty stomach is a sure way to have an unpleasant experience and bad photos. Second, people look their best when they are healthy, and it shows up easily in the pictures. Quality sleep is essential since it makes your skin appear plump and bright, as explained here After all, makeup can only do so much for your dark circles on the day of the shoot! Prepare by practising healthy habits, so you look your best and liveliest.

Photoshoots can be fun and incredibly productive when you’re extra prepared, and seeing the finished result makes all the time and effort spent worth it! Investing in the work of professional photographers can capture images the way our smartphones just can’t, whether it’s for a project or to update your social media, as discussed here A photo has the ability to say a thousand words; make sure to take one that says just the right things about you!

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