Connecting your photograph to the viewer is very important in order to make your audience feel something when they look at your images. Even though it’s usually abundant in our everyday lives, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to capture love and connection. Here are a few simple ways to show connection in your images. 


Creating connection

You can create connections of couples or family members in your images by simply observing and learning how body language translates in photographs. When your subjects are connecting with each other, they can do so in a few different ways. They can be interacting with their eyes, creating a connection with their bodies, or they can be connected through an activity or object.

While you’re snapping away look out for circles and triangles in your subject’s body positioning. These shapes can be found in the way their hands, heads, lines of sight or bodies are connecting. Even more, these shapes create clear vision paths for your viewer that translate into personal connection. Have your subjects hold hands, hug each other, touch each other’s hair – whatever fits the situation and their personalities. 


Valentine’s Photo Ideas for Couples, Singles and Families 

If you are in a relationship and Valentine’s Day is your jam you may want to reach out to a photographer for a romantic photoshoot. But who says singles or families cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day too? Grab your camera or phone and go on a photoshoot with your friends or kids to capture your love. Here are some idea starters for you: 

  • Balloons: It is pretty cute how a simple prop like some red or heart shaped balloons can totally make a photoshoot special and feel more Valentine-y.  Plus balloons are always a winner with the kids. 
  • Chalk and Letter boards: Chalk or letter boards are a really easy way to capture some quirky pics of your loved ones. Add cheeky captions or create a Valentine-themed scene on the chalkboard. Search Pinterest for some great inspiration. 
  • Capture your Favourite Activity: To take joyful candid shots, engage in an activity you as a couple or family love doing together. It could be going for a beach walk, playing tennis or watching the sunset on the beach with a pizza. Give everyone a turn to capture their perspective those special moments.
  • Create Unique Photo Gifts: There is nothing more personal than creating a heartfelt gift with your own images and words. Photo cards, prints or photobooks are all awesome gifts you can give your loved ones (especially those abroad). 

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