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1. Don’t worry about your kids! Yes, you heard right – your kids are going to be kids and probably

Displaying family photographs is an essential aspect of a child’s development and growth. Family photographs bring a sense of belonging

Taking family photos can be so much fun, but let’s face it – getting kids to cooperate isn’t always easy.

Valentines Day is a special day for couples to express their love and appreciation for each other. Whether you are

It still seems far away, but guess what?! We are in the month of November, which means next month is Christmas! And we all know how quickly those last few weeks before the festive season fly by, so it's time to get prepared, which includes your Christmas photography!

Back to school photos mark an annual milestone and, as such, are a great way to document your child's growth from year to year. Those changes are especially remarkable when taken with the same pose and same location each year, so take at least one photo each school year of your child on the front porch or in your backyard. You'll be capturing a wonderful progression of your child growing up.

As we are heading into spring we are used to upgrading our wardrobe or household content, but what about our personal profiles? Have you ever noticed how you can tell people’s changes in life when looking at their social media profile updates? Did they just get engaged or married, had a baby, got a new job or even overcome an illness? It typically is a big life event that triggers a social media update. The same goes for professional portraits. Here are my top reasons why you may need a professional portrait refresh this spring:.

With summer calling many of us will be spending more time in the water, whether that is swimming in the sea, strolling across Grand Cayman's famous Seven Mile Beach, enjoying a day out on the boat or spending family time by the pool. Whether you will be in Cayman for the summer or abroad on your annual family holiday, here are a few practical tips that will help you get the best out of your water photos:

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