How To Take Better Vacation Photos

Are you visiting the Cayman Islands and looking for a Cayman Photographer to capture your family memories or are you simply looking for some easy tips to improve your vacation photos, well then this post is for you!


Enjoy this extended version of the article recently featured in the latest summer issue of the Camana Bay Times!


More than 90% of all vacation photos are boring. Have you ever sat through an hour slideshow of your friends’ last holiday pictures? Exactly! I’m not disregarding anyone’s photography skills – the truth is simply that when we are on holiday we are often rushed for time or lost in the moment and simply don’t spend time thinking about what would make an interesting photo. By following these simple strategies you will be able to significantly improve those holiday photos and maybe even impress your neighbours with a slideshow when you get back? 🙂

1. Do your homework

Research your locations beforehand, if you aren’t familiar with them. Look at pictures online (e.g. Pinterest or Tripadvisor), and save the locations and angles you particularity like, so you can easily recreate them when you get there. Once there, also ask the locals for their favourite places as they may recommend some other hidden gems that will make for more interesting photographs. 

2. Consider the time of day

The quality of light varies throughout the day and lighting is the key parameter that can make or break a photo. [Too much light can wash out the colours or create harsh shadows on people and landmarks. Not enough light can leave the photo grainy and dark.] To capture the best lighting try to take pictures in the hour after sunrise or during the golden hour before sunset to capture those wonderful soft tones. If you have to take the photo at midday, try to shoot with your back to the sun and plan your composition to avoid those harsh shadows. 

3. Change Perspective 

Sometimes the best picture comes from an alternate angle. Try experimenting by getting low to the ground to add drama and perspective to an otherwise ordinary photo. Climb a mountain or observation tower to get a high vantage point that shows the vastness of the city- or landscape you are visiting.

4. Take Multiple Shots

There’s always a chance that things don’t go 100% to plan – a  truck driving by, a shadow in the face or a blinking eye. If you take multiple photos, the chances that you will end up with at least one great picture increase significantly. 

5. Have fun

Be creative and have fun. It is a holiday after all! 

A great way to remember your trip is to shoot a lot of candid, unposed moments of your friends and family instead of the obligatory “stand in front of X” photo. Try to capture them interacting with the surroundings and each other rather than posing for you. Posed vacation photos are inevitable, but capturing that genuine laugh or expression when your subject isn’t aware that the camera is pointed at them will most likely end up being your favourite holiday memories. 

6. Hire a professional photographer 

When we reflect on a year, our holidays typically stand out as the time where we spend quality time with our loved ones. Now and then, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture your holiday spirit and family connection. Hiring a professional does not only provide you with better quality images and takes you to best locations during the best light, it also ensures that the whole family is in the picture together, including the “designated family photographer”. 

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