How to Get Your Kids to Cooperate for a Photoshoot

Taking family photos can be so much fun, but let’s face it – getting kids to cooperate isn’t always easy. Whether you’re taking the photos yourself or hiring a professional photographer, here are some simple tips that will help you get your kids to cooperate for a photoshoot.

Get Them Involved in the Process

One of the best ways to get your kids excited about the photoshoot is by letting them help plan it. Ask them what type of photos they would like and where they would like to take them. You can even ask them if there are any props or special outfits that they would like included for their photos.

Let Kids Be Kids

The best photos are the ones that showcase the unique personalities of each family member. Don’t try to force a pose or look that isn’t true to who you are as a family! If your kids don’t want to stand still, let them run around and play. If they want to hide behind a tree, let them do it! The more relaxed and natural everyone is being themselves, the better the outcome will be.

Let Kids Guide the Shoot and Give Gentle Directions

Letting kids lead when possible helps keep everyone relaxed and comfortable during the session. When giving directions, use simple language that they can understand easily. Consider giving them a secret task – like counting backwards from 10 – so they stay focused while also feeling in control of what they are doing.

Go With The Flow             

Go with whatever feels natural for your kids. If their attention span starts to wane or if they want to take a break – go with it! You can always come back later when energy levels are restored. After all, if you’re having fun, chances are that your kids will too!

Use Silliness To Capture Candid Connection  

When it comes to getting shots of candid connection between siblings or parents and children, sometimes silliness is key! This could be anything from playing follow-the-leader or giving silly faces – choose whatever works best for your crew!   

Add A Fun Twist For A Special Occasion 

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. You can easily use this or any other occasion to make your shoot more fun. In this case you can use the motivation of leprechauns! Explain to your kids that on special days like St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns come out especially to make sure everyone is looking their best in pictures. Explain that any pictures taken will only show off their best smiles and poses, like an invitation for the leprechauns to join them in the photo! You can also create some silly game ideas based on the leprechaun theme, like ‘Find the Pot of Gold’ or ‘Catch the Leprechaun’. 

In Summary

Most importantly, keep it lighthearted and offer lots of encouragement. Not only will this make your kids feel motivated, but it will also ensure that you have a successful photoshoot that everyone enjoys. And if all else fails, nothing wrong with some good old bribery – Gelato and Hagen Dazs will be waiting for you in Camana Bay 🙂

Lisa Reid Family Photographer Grand Cayman

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