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Taking family photos might be one of the most dreaded holiday tasks, but they turn out much better if you make it a little more fun. Here are some tips on how to create better holiday photos.


Forget the poses
Don’t try to create a Christmas card photo, but instead think about capturing genuine family holiday connections.
With that in mind, don’t worry about posing and trying to get a semi-composed family group picture where everyone is looking and smiling with no closed eyes. Instead, take candid shots of your family interacting or doing some sort of activity. This approach makes for much more family-oriented photos and it also adds a lot more interest and uniqueness to the photo than a traditionally posed picture in front of the Christmas tree. 


Photograph activities
If you want happy family photos, you need to find an activity that you all actually enjoy doing … and by “you” I really mean your children because we all know how pictures turn out when your 4-year-old decides that he or she is not having fun. Try to determine what the children actually want to do and create an experience where they can show it off. For example, most children love baking. For once, don’t worry about the mess or them eating too much cookie dough. Get right in there with them and have fun, encourage them and stimulate their imagination and confidence. You will be surprised by how many happy memories you will be able to capture – and experience – together. 


Look for moments
For your candid shots, ask yourself which elements of the festive season are most important to you and your family. In addition to decorating the Christmas tree and unwrapping the gifts, there are Christmas shopping trips, dinner preparations, writing Christmas cards, the excitement – or nervousness – of meeting Santa and many other things that mean something to you and your loved ones. Have your camera ready when those moments come.


Include your fur-babies
Christmas decorations are new and exciting for pets, so there are good chances of getting some funny and playful Christmas photos of them. You can tease a cat with gift wrap ribbon or fairy lights. Dogs will happily play outside with the children and their new soccer ball or tolerate the reindeer headband for the hundredth time. All of these are excellent subjects for fun Christmas shots. Create a vibe
Put on some music and work some treats into the mix that can motivate – okay, bribe – your family into the picture-taking mood. If no one is dreading it, you’re going to create much better photos than previous years.


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