7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Newborn Photographer

Lisa Reid Newborn Photography

Congratulations on the arrival of your new bundle of joy! If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a newborn photo shoot, here some reasons that may change your mind…

Newborn photography has really become popular in the past few years and that’s great as we want to preserves all those special memories… Don’t you wish you had some of those beautiful images of yourself with your parents holding you when you were baby?

Kids grow up so fast and especially the first few weeks and months just fly by while mom and dad are still trying to get to grips with their new way of life. Professional photographs can therefore often be pushed right to the bottom of the agenda for any new mom. Or… you think to yourself: my new phone actually takes pretty good pictures, so is there really a need to hire a professional? Here are some reasons why you should indeed hire a professional newborn photographer:



We often have parents approach us several months after the birth of their baby for photographs because they regret not scheduling a newborn session.

When you hire a professional newborn photographer you will have precious images to look back on for decades and generations to come. And we guarantee you that your children will really treasure those photos, especially the ones with you in it.



Newborn photographers are more than just photographers. We are trained to deal with little babies. We know how to calm and soothe and how to safely handle and pose them. Through experience we have learned about newborn startle reflexes, weak muscle control, body temperature and, and, and…

Since you are handing over your precious baby to a “stranger”, we want to ensure that you trust that the person is an expert in their field and will do everything to ensure your baby is comfortable and safe at all times.



We live in an age of digital media, where nearly everyone has access to a device with a camera and can instantly share their photos across the world. Because of this, many parents choose not to hire a professional photographer and instead rely on capturing images of their new baby with their cellphones or tablets.

While we absolutely encourage taking as many photos of your baby as possible to document every step of your little bundle growing up, these wonderful snapshots may be low in quality in comparison to professional photographs, which restricts your ability to print quality photos, canvases and albums for your home or your family.

Secondly, within just the first few months of your child’s life you typically find yourself taking hundreds of photos that quickly turn into thousands. Those usually remain on your device(s), rarely being looked at again. And of course, you also run the risk of losing all of your photos if a device breaks, is stolen or they are accidentally deleted (we are speaking from experience here…).



We feel that it is so important to have professional photography of your newborn, not just to have high quality photos, but so you can preserve all of the little details. As new parents we are so busy concentrating on our baby’s well-being that it is easy to forget about all the small things. Things that we will one day wonder about and try to remember, like the length of your baby’s eyelashes, the pout of their lips or their tiny toes. These are exactly the details that a professional newborn photographer looks for, because we know how important they are.



The stuff, the props… outfits, head wear, blankets and photo equipment needed to take photos like the ones you see on our websiterequires the right environment, equipment and the right props. You would be surprised how many things you need to create even those very classic and timeless images. That’s why we invite our parents to visit our studio, sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee and relax while we work with your little ones in the perfectly prepared environment.



A lot of the magic of newborn photography is done in the studio with styling and poses. However, you will be surprised how much magic happens outside the studio… Most people don’t realize that there is another couple of hours of editing required to really “finish” the look of your portraits to create that final polished, crisp look you see in all our images.



A professional photograph is created through a combination of high quality equipment, the photographer’s skill in posing and angles, knowledge of light and editing experience to create high quality images that can be produced in every format possible to ensure those beautiful images get to live on beyond your digital device screen.

As a photographer at the leading photography studio in the Cayman Islands, I pride myself on providing consistent quality products to all my clients. I work hard to create images that are timeless and classic, just like the ones you see in our website galleriesor on Instagramor Facebook. It takes a lot of experience and expertise to develop consistency and high quality in your photography, while also honoring every family’s individual styles and preferences.

As a photographer at Picture This Studios I live up to our vision of “Capturing Life, Delivering Happiness”by telling your unique story through professional photography to enjoy for years and generations to come.

In order to achieve the results that you are looking for, we work closely with you to understand exactly what your expectations and preferences are. Although we are able to offer various styles of newborn photography, we tend to lean towards keeping it simple to create a clean and minimalistic look to show more of your baby, their expressions and the special connection between the baby and its family.

To find the best option to fit your your needs and budget, set up a free consultation with me by emailing me on lisa@lisareid.meor calling me on 345-916-2239

Lisa Reid Newborn Photography Lisa Reid Newborn Photography Lisa Reid Newborn Photography Lisa Reid Newborn Photography Lisa Reid Newborn Photography

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