With travel restrictions still in place, many Cayman Islands residents will not have the opportunity to be reunited with their families abroad for the holidays. This presents even more reason to take lots of photos and share them with your loved ones across the globe. Here are some tips on taking candid family photos that truly capture those unforgettable holiday moments. 


01 I Set A Wide Scene

While we often concentrate on capturing what is going on right in front of us, stepping back can really add dimension and a sense of wonder to memorable locations. By removing the person as the intentional primary focus of the picture, you actually end up creating mood and showing the bigger feeling of the moment.


02 I Be a Photo Ninja 

Photographs where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling are nice, but what kind of story do they tell? Instead of getting everyone to look at you, try photographing moments when your subject is unaware. Think about the moments you will want to remember, such as real interactions between family members. 


03 I Be Present

Candid moments are about being present. Yes, you’re standing back just far enough to capture a photo, but you’re just as much a part of the moments you capture as the people and places in your photos. In order to get those great candid shots, become involved in the setting to understand what will happen next. 


04 I Anticipate

When it comes to people, and especially children, they can seem completely unpredictable — who knows what a toddler is going to do at any moment, right? But even something as seemingly random and chaotic as a toddler’s behaviour is predictable. It just takes a bit longer to notice the patterns. Be patient and hang around a little longer to observe and explore. 


05 I Shoot away

You never know which shot will end up being your favourite, so take about three times more than you think you want or need. These days we have the luxury of not having to print our shots before viewing, so keep your finger on the button and keep snapping. Begin taking photos before the moment actually happens and continue taking photos after it has passed. Be vigilant and ready for all the other moments that are about to unfold. Often the moment we think we want to capture isn’t quite as good as the one right before or right after, so shoot away.


This article first appeared in the November, 2020 edition of Camana Bay Times


Below are some of my favourite candid family pictures from our recent Staycation at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman

Lisa Reid Grand Cayman Photographer Lisa Reid Grand Cayman Photographer 3

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