4 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew Before Their Family Photo Session in Grand Cayman 

Grand Cayman Family Photographer

1. Don’t worry about your kids!

Yes, you heard right – your kids are going to be kids and probably not listen, run off, throw sand, maybe cry or possibly even have a full blown melt down. Us photographers know it’s coming and it’s just a regular Tuesday night for us. I promise I have seen way worse (for example just before I left the house with my own feral children) and I am not bothered by it at all. We are still going to get great photos and the only reason we might not, is, if you panic and shut down too. So, keep smiling. If you look happy, the photos have a much higher chance of being a success. Us lifestyle photographers thrive on the “mess” of your family and we only see love and beauty in the chaos. 

2. You look amazing!

Yes, YOU! Just as you are. Our biggest goal is to provide you with images where you can see your loved ones looking at you…. so you can see how beautiful you truly are, and how much you mean to those kids, and your spouse. Leave the insecurities, and Spanx at home. 

3. Embrace the crazy!

You will love your photos so much more if you come to have fun and just laugh when things get crazy or do not go as planned. Start raining? Look up, laugh, dance in the rain with your kids and enjoy the rainbow afterwards. You will never forget that memory – let’s make it a happy one. 

4. Suck it up! 

If your spouse booked these photos and you have zero interest in them, it will show. Your photographer will see that you do not want to be there and so will your partner. Likely, you have 20 candids of you and your children every week – the spouse who booked the photos – has none. Do this for them, with a smile on your face!

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