4 Good Reasons Why you Should Print Your Photos

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Are you one of those people with no pictures on the wall but 5000 photos stored on an external hard drive? You are certainly not alone! Now that we are firmly in the digital age, printing photos has been relegated to an optional step in the photographic process, one that many people rarely (if ever) take advantage of.

Here are 4 good reasons why you should invest in printing and displaying your photographs. 


  1. The Digital Graveyard 

With high quality cameras installed in our mobile phones and the easy availability of digital cameras, we take thousands of photos each year. The ease by which pictures are taken, stored and shared has made us rely heavily on social media platforms to preserve our precious memories. The rest of our pictures typically stays on our phones, computers, hard drives or in the cloud, never to be looked again. And even if you do want to look through them, there are now thousands of them (including all your beach selfies and 70 different angles of your baby eating her first porridge) so just the thought of going through all those photos already feels exhausting.


2. Crash, Boom, Bang

I bet this happened to you before too. Your hard drive just stopped working or your toddler decided to take your new smartphone for a splash in the bath. Computers and hard drives crash all the time, smart phones and tablets get lost or stolen. And what do we get most upset about? Our pictures! It feels like we lost a part of our history when years of documentation from our daily lives just got erased in a split second. In simple terms: digital files can never be as secure as something you can hold.

This is why I started using an US app called Chatbooks. It lets you create postcards or photo books straight from your phone in less than 5 minutes and even better you can sign up for an automatic subscription, whereby you link your photos or social media accounts to the app and every time you reach 60 pictures they simply mail you a mini book for only $10. Zero effort and all the memories!


3. Pictures Transform Your House Into A Home

Printing brings your pictures to life and can transform a house into a home! It’s hard to ignore a picture when it’s mounted on your wall or in a frame on your desk. The memory stored in the picture adds character to wherever you put it. Seeing the smiles on the faces of loved ones or having a visual reminder of that specific memory is inspiring and can transform your day.

That doesn’t mean you have to print all your pictures. Just print the ones that you want to preserve and enjoy for a long time. Especially, if you invest into a professional photoshoot, make sure you set a few dollars aside to have some of those memories printed too!


4. Make Grandma’s Day 

Online digital printing makes it easy to deliver extras copies that you know the grandparents will cherish. Whether or not you see your family members often, a mailed envelope of photos or a framed print is sure to make them light up. 

NanaGram is a service in the USA and Canada where you can text images and they print and deliver the photos directly to the grandparents door. Easy and grandma will love you forever! Go check it out here


To read the article as published in the Camana Bay Times, click here.

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