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Cayman Islands Family Photographer | Pastel Beach Session

In the Cayman Islands we are blessed with beautiful sunsets nearly 365 days of the year. But now and then we get some extra special sunsets.... like this one. This gorgeous New Yorker family got one of the the most beautiful pastel-coloured sunset I have ever seen as a Cayman Photographer. The bonus was that this family was dressed in the most thoughtfully coordinated outfits. It was almost like they matched their dress colours to the colours of the sky.

What you wear on your family shoot can make such a difference, so I recommend you plan ahead... Once you have booked your session, start thinking of the clothes right away and always consider where you are going to have your shoot done, like the beach vs. a field or a forest.

Stay tuned as I will soon release my "What to wear guide" 🙂